OTC Asia 2018 - The Next Wave

The Next Wave

0800-1730 hours l Monday, 19 March

The Next Wave is a programme for energy professionals under the age of 36 or with less than 10 years working experience in the oil and gas industry. This programme offers participants an opportunity to network with seasoned professionals, learn about pressing challenges and opportunities in the industry, and receive guidance on how to make the most of their careers.    Sponsored by:

The theme of the The Next Wave is "Rethinking Energy: Adapting to Disruptive Forces in the Oil and Gas Industry".


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Rethinking Energy: Adapting to Disruptive Forces in the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry has been slowly recovering from the dramatic oil-price collapse of 2014-2015, with crude oil prices still hovering well below pre-crash peak prices. Although the recent price fluctuations have been more moderate, the uncertainty around the short- and the long-term price projections is still hindering investment in new projects. In addition, the rising political instability, a sustained surge in global production, and the increasing contribution of renewable resources to the overall energy mix have caused a fundamental shift in the supply-demand balance, which is predicted to last longer than any imbalance the industry has previously experienced. The combined effect of these factors has also had a significant impact on human capital, prompting many oil and gas professionals including Young Professionals (YPs) to rethink their career prospects to ensure they can adapt to the disruptive forces shaping the future of the industry. On the bright side, today’s turbulent business landscape has presented YPs with a unique opportunity to acquire a more diverse set of skills necessary in the new energy era.

Over the past 3 years, the industry has witnessed significant cost-cutting measures including, worldwide workforce rationalization, contract re-negotiation and project cancellation or deferments. At the same time, the rise of digitalization and automation, amongst other technological advancements have led to efficiency gains and cost reductions in most aspects of oil and gas operations. As a result of these changes, new opportunities have emerged in an environment where companies are implementing new approaches to developing future leaders. In response to these emerging trends, how should YPs prepare themselves to take advantage of the existing opportunities in the energy sector?

Most major oil and gas companies have started to transform their business models by making strategic, enterprise-wide changes including asset base diversification, transition from project-based to venture-based approach, shift in risk profile, and from at-all-cost to strict cost prioritization. Employees at all levels of an organization are expected to enhance and broaden their skills, and to be involved in various aspects of projects or new business ventures. Networking and collaboration across industries have also become increasingly important to help drive continuous improvement and business transformation. The success of this transformation relies heavily on today’s YPs. How can YPs position themselves to overcome the current and future challenges, and achieve long-term career success?

The 2018 Next Wave Asia program invites Young Professionals to learn more about the above topics and the emerging trends affecting the energy industry. The forum will also provide an invaluable opportunity for the participants to engage in career-related discussions during the keynote speech and the panel session, and to network with like-minded peers and industry leaders.



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